A Touch, A Glance, A Little Pining, And Happily Ever Afters!

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On this year’s Holi festival, feisty Malini Thakur has arranged an innocuous but flawless revenge on the man who broke her sister’s heart. But when the revenge is accidentally enacted on the Earl of Dashwood — the man who broke her own heart five years ago — Malini sees only one way to avoid further embarrassment and heartbreak. She must run away. Again.

Aditya Bose, the Earl of Dashwood, is done running from the scorching kiss and Malini’s past rebuffs afterward. Even after five years of law practice in India, he couldn’t forget her. So when he learns of wedding bells for a certain Miss Thakur, to his own younger brother, he has to rush back to England for Malini. There is undoubtedly only one way to convince her he deserves another chance: run after her.

But when the rainstorm rages and traps them in a cottage, would he gather the courage to make his case? Would she be brave enough to face heartbreaking answers? Or will they choose to leave the past behind and seduce each other into love?

Audiobook by InsatiablePress

BETTING ON A DUKE'S HEART is a historical romance debut with an Indian (south Asian) heroine and multicultural elements.

Enemies or lovers?

Aetius White, the Duke of Saxton, couldn't save his father, but he'll be damned if he won't save the man’s dream. He'll acquire a Triple Crown–winning horse at any cost, even marriage. Luckily, the lovely lady in mind loves challenges as much as he does. Certainly, he can win her heart without losing his own…

Hell will freeze over before Miss Dina Campbell agrees to marry a horse-mad man who wants her dowry of a prize stallion, no matter what her father wants. The duke may be handsome, but he’ll have to prove he is a suitable match for her before she’ll even consider the offer. And there’s no way this love-averse man will ever succeed with the wager that she has planned…