About Me

And that's how it started...

As my first fiction work, I have a notebook-length movie script, featuring my favorite stars. I was probably ten. It hasn't seen the light of the day (And it won't).

But storytelling lingered. Though I have a software engineering job, the creative world teased me from afar. So one day, I finally put the pen to the paper (or my fingers to the keyboard?) and started writing.

Now, I write through the noise of my lovely two kids, a very supportive (but sweetly clueless) husband, and a bank job where numbers rule.

Born and brought up in India, I'm a huge fan of Bollywood romantic movies and music. I also like all things Marvel! I love to travel and so many destinations are on my bucket list. (hint: some pictures here give the clues!)

I am currently writing Historical Romances, with heroines setting their own norms and coming to toes with heroes worth loving.

I am represented by the wonderful Sara Megibow at KT literary Agency.

writing Recognition

Winner of the Indiana Golden Opportunity contest (IRW 2019)

1st runner up Fool For Love 2019 contest by Virginia Romance Writers

2nd runner up in NJ Put Your Heart In a Book Contest 2019

Trivia Fun Facts

Here is my sometimes writing muse, two lovely Victorian ladies on my desk.

I have learned 5.1 languages. I can barely speak a few words of the sixth one but I have hopes.

In my spare time, I take language classes for kids.

I love travelling. (Hint: Many of the places on the images here are on my "visit one day" list!)

I have a little too much interest in Indian Mythology. Every time I think I know a character from one of the stories the next one uncovers a completely unexpected layer.